session tips

•These are a few tips to help your session flow more efficiently •

1. Remember to change drum heads a rehearsal or two before going into record, and bring multiple snares (if you have them)
2. Change your strings before you get to the studio and bring extras.
3. Don’t bring extra people, they will almost always get bored/talk on their cell phones/get in your way/try to talk with the engineer while he’s on your time.
4. Always tune between songs.
5. Try to practice with a click track (metronome) a couple of weeks before you come in to record, this is vital if you plan on using loops or doing any sequencing. There’s a reason a lot of the music you hear sounds so tight.
6. Show up on time, or give plenty of notice if you think you’re going to be late! If you’re sick, reschedule for another time. I don’t want to get sick, and you don’t want to waste your money, which is what you’ll be doing if you try to record while feeling under the weather. It will have an effect on your recordings.
7. Print out your lyrics in verse/chorus format with phrase spacing so you can reference them at a glance.
8. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions, and please don’t be offended when the producer/engineer makes a suggestion.
9. Try to organize your sessions prior to coming in, i.e.: writing down what order you would like to track your songs, what days and times the different members can come in, ect… a notepad or laptop works great
These are not rules, just suggestions to save us both time, money, and headaches.