Welcome to Cold Frame Recording studio… Designed by producer Henry McMinn with the vision of a streamlined, relaxed, and creative environment in mind. Cold Frame Recording sits on a private acre in the heart of Oklahoma City. Equipped with a boutique small format analog console as well as an ample supply of quality microphones, preamps, and various other hardware compressors, EQs, synths and pedals. The studio layout consists of an open ceiling 15′ X 11′ live room, an equal sized control room with 9′ ceilings, a 5′ X 6′ isolation room and of course the cold frame: a cozy little greenhouse that overlooks the acre for you to relax in between takes, have a smoke break, or just clear your mind. Mastering is one of the primary focuses at Cold frame, please email or call if you have any questions concerning the mastering process.  Email for scheduling and any other questions.